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Beef Bihari Kebab: A Symphony of Spices and Succulence

Indulge in the Beef Behari Kabab, where tender beef marinated in a blend of spices is threaded onto skewers and…


Tandoori Mixed Grill: A Carnivore’s Dream on a Plate

Experience a carnivore’s paradise with the Tandoori Mixed Grill. From succulent lamb chops to flavorful chicken pieces, this grill medley…


Lamb Chops: Elegance Meets Succulence

Savor the elegance of Lamb Chops, where premium cuts of lamb are marinated and tandoor-grilled to perfection. Each bite unveils…


Chicken Bihari Kebab: A Flavorful Feast on Skewers

Delight in the Chicken Bihari Kabab – an explosion of flavor as tender chicken is marinated in a signature blend…


Beef Seekh Kebab: A Classic Reinvented with Flair

Revel in the timeless delight of Beef Seekh Kabab – minced beef infused with aromatic spices and grilled to smoky…


Chicken Seekh Kebab

Minced chicken rolled in a skewer, cooked in tandoor.


Malai Boti: Creamy Indulgence Redefined

Experience the luxury of Malai Boti, where succulent meat pieces are bathed in a velvety marinade. The creaminess is complemented…


Chicken Tikka: A Timeless Tandoor Classic

Savor the magic of Chicken Tikka – boneless chicken marinated in a subtle blend of spices and grilled to juicy…


Chicken Tandori: A Charred Marvel of Flavor

Delight in the Chicken Tandoori, where marinated chicken takes on a charred exterior and a succulent interior. The contrast of…


Chicken Lahori Tikka: A Tribute to Bold Flavors

Embrace the boldness of Chicken Lahori Tikka – marinated with a fiery blend of spices that pay homage to the…